Friday, February 29, 2008

Election: Bloomberg breaks down the bull

I greatly enjoy Mike Bloomberg.

I’m Not Running for President, but ...
Op-Ed by Mayor Bloomberg
WATCHING the 2008 presidential campaign, you sometimes get the feeling that the candidates — smart, all of them — must know better. They must know we can’t fix our economy and create jobs by isolating America from global trade. They must know that we can’t fix our immigration problems with border security alone. They must know that we can’t fix our schools without holding teachers, principals and parents accountable for results. They must know that fighting global warming is not a costless challenge. And they must know that we can’t keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals unless we crack down on the black market for them.

Unfortunately, "it is unlikely that anyone in the fly-over states would've voted for the short, Jewish, north-east socially-lenient divorcé who thinks he's too good for public housing (and by public housing I mean Gracie Mansion)" ("Bloomberg News," Economist's Democracy in America.)

Also, I'd like to point out that Bloomberg is one of those who many would characterize as uber-rich elitists, out-of-touch with America, who bought his office because there's too much money being thrown around in elections. I'll take the billionaire who clearly isn't in it for the money, and has been so successful in all of his endeavors that he amassed a massive economic empire. Don't we want on him our team? One thing to keep in mind with election reform, if you take out the money, we'll likely get politicians who are instead depending on party support -- trading ambitious entrepreneurs for middle managers.

More Bloombergs. Fewer party warriors.

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