Monday, April 7, 2008

Publius' Napkin is open to all

Well, Pete, you win this time. The doors have been flung open.

ADDENDUM: One of the benefits of opening the blog up is that you can now get a heads up on new postings with an RSS feed (translation: if you use the iGoogle homepage or something similar and get headlines from CNN, etc., you can also get them from Publius).

You can use the link on the right sidebar to add the feed to your favorite homepage or manually add it with the the following as the address:

Let me know if it doesn't work.


Pete said...

chalk up another victory for the voice of (from) africa. Oh i like the new template too. It makes the blog feel more welcoming. The old one had a distinctly oppressive and borderline soviet feel.

Lou Manzo said...

I like Pete trying to claim voice of africa status...if anyone can claim voice of africa its me. I really know this continent.

Publius said...

OK, OK. Pete is the voice from Africa, Lou is the voice of Africa.

Danny and Peachy both go into the heart of darkness, only one shall return...