Monday, August 4, 2008

what to worry about...

I may be wrong, but I'd say most of my posts are about positive developments (e.g., my latest post). Generally, I look around and see a lot of fear-mongering that I find dangerous.

This post is different. I was struck by a scenario presented by Tyler Cowen that strikes to the heart of a nuclear threat that current debates about rogue states and terrorist non-state actors only begin to touch on.

"...let's say that you can blow up the world if a) you can exceed 1550 on your two main SATs, b) you are willing to spend $50,000, and c) you sincerely wish for world destruction for one month straight.

How long would the world last?"

While I think we are lucky to have the problems we have now as compared to every other point in history, I don't think Tyler is wrong to say: "We may someday envy the problems we have now."

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