Friday, May 30, 2008

you thought the miracle fruit was cool...

Man, two articles in one week that completely change what I thought was possible. There was an 'Uncontacted tribe' sighted in Amazon, one of the "few remaining peoples on Earth who have had no contact with the outside world."

A small airplane flew over overhead of the tribe and managed to take some pictures which you can see by clicking the link. In one of the shots, some of the tribesmen aim their bows at the large alien object overhead -- truly surreal.

Even looking at the pictures, I am struck that most of the qualities we consider to be "human," are actually social, and it makes sense that those with the least social interaction/exposure would appear the least human, or most primal; I don't think we quite recognize how much "civilization" depends not on the work of man, but on the collaboration of men. Without that exchange, there is no growth, and you're still hoping that there's not a flood, drought, or disease that season to wipe out you and your family.

According to Survival International, there are more than 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide, most of them in Brazil and Peru. There a few groups like Survival that are fighting to preserve a space (really more like a wildlife preserve than they would care to admit) for these indigeneous people to live without every coming into contact in the world.

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