Sunday, May 18, 2008

great leap forward for biblical art

He Qi's paintings conflate the biblical scenes of Michalengelo with the stylings of Picasso and the experience of a child of the Cultural Revolution. Check out his web page here and "read more" if you want to see his take on Moses' flight into Egypt and Jonah and the Whale. (Who doesn't?) If anyone wants to make me happy they can pay Qi to make me a stained glass window...


Lloyd said...

Call me an uncouth swine... but I just don't see it..

I mean, I'd totally put it up in my apartment but that isn't saying much.

Publius said...

Some of his stuff is definitely a little generic -- or at least I don't see much very interesting about it.

But he definitely gets a bit more abstract and manages to convey the biblical messages through unconventional and aesthetically pleasing means.

Here's a couple links:

Ruth and Naomi (short summary: bond of a mother-in-law and her deceased son's wife)

Praying at Gethemane (sum: Jesus prays the night after the last supper before his arrest)

I really like both of these.