Tuesday, August 5, 2008

publius recommendations on the 'net

Terrific resource for finding great restaurants, bars, etc. in your neighborhood or any place you might be visiting.

Post-it notes are useful to keep track of "to-do's" -- RememberTheMilk is even more useful in managing your tasks, both personal and professional. You can integrate your list into your iGoogle homepage, Gmail, download an application on to your computer, or just use their homepage. I use it for work and personal tasks.

Google Reader
It's hard to overstate the degree to which Google Reader has changed the way I used the internet. Before I would add some of my favorite websites' RSS feeds (lists that automatically update with the newest articles or posts on the website) to my iGoogle homepage, or add them to my bookmarks, and spend all my time hopping from one blog to another website, etc.

Now I just open up the Google Reader page, which automatically updates with the new posts on everything from the Economist to Soccer by Ives. And, of course, you can more easily track Publius' Shared Items.

Google text message search
Text GOOGLE or 466453 from your cell phone for quick and easy searches. Check out the link above for how to get the information you need on the run with only a quick text message -- no need for a high-price data plan

Gmail phone app
Yet another shortcut provided by Google -- once you download this application to your cellphone, you can check your email from your phone without data charges.

This is a new addition to my harem of internet stops. Buxfer is a powerful financial management tool that allows you to centralize the records of your credit cards, checking, savings, etc. accounts. Not only can you see your balances, but it automatically tags your purchases (if you'd like) with labels like "food and drinks" for restaurants, etc. What's more, you can create your own labels and automatic labels so that everytime "JJ Foley's Bar and Grill" pops up on your credit card charges, it gets labeled "alcohol" (...or food?) An excellent way to take control of your financial future.

Am I missing anything?

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Pete said...

Yeah, you are missing facebook.com.
it is a website where i can see what friend like and put pictures up and play games and "poke" people. Which is a really cool way to flirt.